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Experience & Innovation

Our consulting firm is uniquely placed to serve you effectively, through our world-class and highly experienced consultants.

We leverage our experience in cross-cultural translation and communication, economic and community development, corporate financial planning, and data analytics (including natural language processing).

We help streamline and improve business processes through the use of new approaches and technologies.

Organizational Development

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Organizational Development involves conducting social scientific studies and analyses of work practices within an organization, including leadership practices. It may include measuring and understanding the impacts of management initiatives and programs on organizational performance, through rigorous data gathering techniques and analyses.

Galisteo personnel have a strong background in qualitative data collection – the data gathered through interviews, focus groups, and the like.

We also apply social science-based analysis structures to the data we gather.

Putting the two together allows us to provide valuable input to management regarding values, attitudes and behaviors at an organization.


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It should go without saying that effective communication is essential in government and business. But the reality is that good communication is often easier said than done, because different communities and groups (even within a single organization) have different vocabularies, values and attitudes.

Galisteo personnel use our deep background in anthropology, linguistics, and social studies to help stakeholders bridge gaps in communication among their teams.

We elicit, translate, re-present, and re-package information between distinct communities, to facilitate communication –– whether this is between managers and staff in an organization, between different organizations; or for government decision-makers seeking to understand social movements and populations in countries outside the United States.

Economic Development

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Economic Development is the process by which the economic well-being and quality of life of a nation, region, local community, or an individual are improved according to targeted goals and objectives.

Galisteo personnel help support the development of community-based initiatives to stimulate business climates that enhance quality of life.

We do this by developing knowledge of community history, structure, informal social, political, and business networks, and underlying social infrastructure; and by understanding community goals, sub-group agendas, disabling or enabling myths and available human resources.

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National Security

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The array of threats to the United States and its allies in the 21st century is formidable, but many of these threats have a key common component – the social component. Put another way, threats can be better grasped and responded to if their connection to elements such as culture, religion, and history is well understood.

Galisteo personnel have experience with the concerns of the U.S. national security community, and bring their strong area backgrounds in the countries of the former Soviet Union and East Asia to bear in this arena, by helping clients connect the dots in cultural specifics which may not be obvious to an outsider.

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Data Analytics

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The emerging field of Data Analytics is profoundly changing the world we live in, from driving automation and transformative ways of “doing more with less” in routine business and finance processes, to having unforeseen impacts on the political and geopolitical landscape through social media and digital advertising.

Galisteo personnel have a unique mix of backgrounds in business, finance, linguistic and text analysis techniques, and machine learning, which we have brought to bear for clients seeking to make sense of their own, or open-source, data.

We help clients by translating the often bewildering options in the data analytics realm into specific, practical applications that will solve clients’ real-world problems.

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