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Our first book

available for pre-order

"Digital Disinformation:
Computational analysis of culture and conspiracy theories in Russia and Eastern Europe"


A welcome development in New Mexico which should make a good dent in the problem of gross receipts tax "pyramiding"! Let's hope the bill becomes law.

New today, a milestone for my co-authors and me - for all of us, our first book now available for pre-order!

"Digital Disinformation: Computational Analysis of Culture and Conspiracy Theories in Russia and Eastern Europe"

Concerns rise over treatment of human workers behind AI technology

Supervised vs unsupervised AI

What Is ChatGPT Doing … and Why Does It Work?

A nice (though long!) explanation of how the generative model in ChatGPT works. By Stephen Wolfram

A test of ChatGPT

Here, I ask ChatGPT the same question in English and Russian, one involving judgment on a moral question that clearly currently divides Russia and the West.

"ChatGPT will not replace humans in the economy, but humans who use ChatGPT may replace those who don't."

If you have not heard yet about ChatGPT, you will be hearing a lot more about it soon.

"Digital Disinformation: Computational Analysis of Culture and Conspiracy Theories in Russia and Eastern Europe"

Manuscript for book by Dr. Peter Chew; sent to Publishers

Oligarchs II: When fraud becomes endemic in a country: how did Russia get here and what lies ahead?

Talk delivered to NM Chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE)

AI for Fairness and Compliance

Research Article by Dr. Peter Chew; contribution to the International Conference in AI in Finance 2020

An audit perspective is key

Peter Chew

Putin sees 'double standard' in US Capitol riot prosecutions



Digital Forensic Research Lab

Taking France’s (and others’) temperature on the Samuel Paty case: a data-driven approach

Talk delivered to the Middle East Forum, Dr. Peter Chew
"Twitter Reveals French Attitudes on Islamism"

Polish court orders historians to apologize over Holocaust book

Article, Reuters

"Automating the Analyst"
Interface 2020

Virtual Conference, New Mexico

Risks of Cloud Computing

Talk delivered to Institute of Internal Auditors, Albuquerque chapter

Unsupervised-learning financial reconciliation: a robust, accurate approach inspired by machine translation

Talk delivered to ICAIF 2020

International Conference on AI in Finance 2020 (ICAIF)

14 - 16 October, 2020

What's next for Belarus?

Clashes erupt after disputed Belarus election

Why the coronavirus death toll is misleading – and how we’ll get the true figures.