Consulting Services

To serve you during times of change, development and growth

Organizational Development

Helping to ensure an optimal fit between an organization and its environment

Areas of Focus

  • Elicit from management corporate direction, goals, available financial and other resources and corporate constraints.

  • Address and streamline corporate processes.

  • Survey the organizational environment to identify key trends, emerging cultural factors, elements of social change, and other factors that will shape the organization's future world.

  • Combine the knowledge and understanding of the organization’s external environment with internal resources and capabilities to construct realistic plans for organizational change and development at the structural, financial, and cultural level.

Sample Activities

  • Information technology audits & optimization

  • Strategic & business planning

  • Policy & legislative research

  • Corporate culture change programs

Core Capabilities

  • Preparation of business and marketing plans and other planning documents

  • Use of analytics to detect anomalies and inefficiencies in system usage

  • Expertise in structural analyses of organizations

  • Planning and execution of qualitative data gathering and analysis programs

    (e.g. interviews, ethnographic studies, focus groups)
  • Meeting facilitation