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National Security

Supporting a wide variety of analyses to better position the U.S. in the global geopolitical environment

Areas of Focus

Contributing to National Security through:

  • Participation in intelligence analysis and the development of threat assessment tools

  • Analysis of economic and financial regimes and problems in the energy, environmental and national security areas

  • Participation in engineering and technology development projects to include the human in design

  • Strategic and organizational planning for various organizations in the national security arena

Sample Activities

  • Development of computational social models

  • All-source analyses of a wide variety of topics from a range of disciplinary and domain perspectives

  • Design of and conduct workshops and other activities to identify key topics in defined areas

  • Development of technology based analytic tools for a variety of applications

Core Capabilities

  • Application of social science research and analytic skills and expertise in the national security arena writ large

  • Familiarity with the intelligence and national security communities

  • Experience in the application of computational linguistics to national security problems