Consulting Services

To serve you during times of change, development and growth

Economic Development

Contributing to community level and microeconomic development programs

Areas of Focus

  • Develop knowledge of community history, structure, informal social, political, and business networks and underlying social infrastructure.

  • Understand community goals, sub-group agendas, (dis)abling myths and available human resources.

  • Support the development of community-based initiatives to stimulate business climates that do not detract from ambient quality of life.

Sample Activities

  • Development of community networks

  • Construction of programs to stimulate an entrepreneurial business climate

  • Facilitation of technology transfer efforts

  • Support of small business development and growth

Core Capabilities

  • Experience in social impact analyses

  • Expertise in structural analyses of communities

  • Knowledge of the impact of regulatory and policy environments on community development

  • Experience in Microeconomic development