Consulting Services

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Facilitating communication between organizations and their stakeholders

Areas of Focus

  • Understand, translate, and re-present information between communities with different vocabularies, values, and attitudes.

  • Elicit intent and information from sender and re-package to fit cognitive position of audience.

  • Facilitate communication between managers and staff, different organizations within the same company, government decision makers and various publics, scientists and lay groups, and companies and their markets.

Sample Activities

  • Development and implementation of facilitated communication events and programs

  • Creation of public involvement campaigns

  • Conduct of organizational analyses and audits

  • Conduct and Analyses of environmental risk management activities

Core Capabilities

  • Marketing and communication expertise and experience

    Data-driven sentiment analysis

  • Experience in public participation techniques

    Meeting facilitation

  • Linguistic and textual analysis capabilities

    Expertise in information elicitation

  • Natural language processing

    Expertise in risk communication