Clients & Projects

some of the clients we've had the privilege to serve in both the private and non-private sectors...

Sandia National Laboratories

A multi-program laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy, with a focus on national security

 U.S. Department of the Interior -- OST

The federal Office which manages and oversees tribal trust assets


A large engineering and scientific consulting company

 Office of Naval Research (DOD/ONR)

A federal Office which coordinates, executes and promotes science and technology programs

 Various of the largest public accounting firms in NM

A wide variety of firms with a broad range of needs

 US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM)

The unified military command for the worldwide use of U.S. special operations elements of the Army, Navy, and Air Force

 MITRE Corporation

A not-for-profit organization that operates R&D centers sponsored by the federal government.As is on site

 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

An agency which aims to protect human health and the environment

 Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM)

The military command responsible for all Canadian special forces operations

 Public Service Company of New Mexico

The largest electricity provider in New Mexico

 Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)

A U.S. intelligence service specializing in defense and military intelligence

 Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DOD/DTRA)

The Official Combat Support Agency within the U S Department of Defense for countering weapons of mass destruction

 Bi-National Sustainability Laboratory, Inc.

A technology-based, economic development non-profit working with the United States and Mexico along the border

 Rick Johnson & Company

The largest advertising firm in New Mexico

 National Governors' Association

A bipartisan organization of the governors of the states, territories and commonwealths of the United States

 Laguna Pueblo Department of Education

The tribal education department addressing the educational needs of all Laguna people