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with a particular emphasis on Financial Technology (FinTech) and Text Data Analytics

Taking France’s (and others’) temperature on the Samuel Paty case: a data-driven approach

Talk delivered to the Middle East Forum, Dr. Peter Chew
"Twitter Reveals French Attitudes on Islamism"

Polish court orders historians to apologize over Holocaust book

Article, Reuters

"Automating the Analyst"
Interface 2020

Virtual Conference, New Mexico

Risks of Cloud Computing

Talk delivered to Institute of Internal Auditors, Albuquerque chapter

Unsupervised-learning financial reconciliation: a robust, accurate approach inspired by machine translation

Talk delivered to ICAIF 2020

International Conference on AI in Finance 2020 (ICAIF)

14 - 16 October, 2020

What's next for Belarus?

Clashes erupt after disputed Belarus election

Why the coronavirus death toll is misleading – and how we’ll get the true figures.